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Review: Way of Choices - May 21, 2020

By: William Lee

This story is not about the action but the backstory that led up to it.

Way of Choices is Mao Ni's best known work (also known as Ze Tian Ji). It has very different (and more mature) prose than most Xianxia novels, so we must applaud Hypersheep325 for the incredible translation, it surely could not have been easy.

There are battle elements to this story but the main character, Chen Chang Sheng, or CCS for short, is severely underpowered to start and his character building arc is very slow, which may put off readers early on. However, this reviewer's recommendation is to keep at it, as the payoff gets bigger and better the further you get into the story.

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Review: The Great Storyteller - May 15, 2020

By: William Lee

Slow and steady, but slowly falls apart by the end

The Great Storyteller is a Korean novel from Im Han Baeg that has an artist's flair throughout. The idea of reading a novel about writing multiple novels is incredibly unique. Yun Woo is a fantastic but somewhat unreliable narrator, and his feats are certainly way up there in terms of success.

This is a slice of life story that has a very slow pace from start to finish (I mean, come on, it's about the writing process!). The buildup of each story is different, and the types of stories told have a lot of variety. The best part of this novel is that it's completed at 393 chapters, and each chapter is long by web novel standards with a satisfying end to each.

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New Light Novel from the author of Mushoku Tensei, "Orc Eiyuu Monogatari" coming out 7/17/2020

With an orc as the protagonist, maybe this series will head in a similar direction as Praise the Orc? Not much is known about the series at this time but Mushoku Tensei is a classic in Japanese literature so chances are good that this series is worth reading.

Official confirmation link to this Tweet in Japanese


J-Novel Club Releases Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash: Volume 14++

Link to Purchase on Amazon ( earns a commission from qualifying purchases)

While we are still waiting for a sequel to the anime adaptation, why not sit down and read beyond where the anime left off? This book, carefully translated by the excellent Sean McCann, continues Yume's story, showing her determination and perseverance.

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar has been published digitally in English as Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash by J-Novel Club since January 19, 2017.

2020-05-02 Drama, owned by Tencent, has stepped once again into controversy. The host of popular novels such as Lord of the Mysteries, has implemented new contracts for its authors, requiring authors to sign away a vast majority of rights to their works as well as other unfavorable changes to our beloved creators.

Read the Reddit discussion here

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