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Novel Enjoyment Assistance Products

These items are recommendations for maximizing your novel enjoyment experience.

Summer is quickly approaching and what better way too cool down than with a healthy, ice cold infused drink? Cut up some fresh fruit (strawberries, pineapple, lemons and limes), cover with water, close the lid tightly and let your concoction rest in the refrigerator, ready for your tastebuds when you are ready.

The lids that come with regular mason jars just don't last. In addition to being prone to rusting, the seals on the inside can start leaking and are not designed to be reused. The solution? Plastic lids! These are highly reviewed, inexpensive, and can create fruit infusions much better than the ones that come with the jars you can buy all over.

This high end e-reader is just the ticket for reading those long novels with thousands of chapters. If you love an underdog story, why not read it on the largest and best (in our opinion) e-reader there is?