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Apr 16, 2020

By:William Lee

Drama, romance, and theater of the highest acclaim

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Release that Witch is a completed novel by Er Mu that features a transmigrator who uses his past knowledge to build an empire in a treacherous world.

The battles in this drama feel planned out and the power levels displayed by the various characters are profound and yet the author is able to maintain a delicate balancing act. The thoughtfulness of the plot progression and injection of modern technologies into a medieval world make for a compelling read.

You can tangibly feel the thought put into this novel's story and its sequence of events. After reading so many wish fulfillment novels it's easy to become somewhat disillusioned with the lack of thought put into these novels and their subsequent plot holes. But not so with Release that Witch, which feeds you a steady diet of mostly plot-hole free events that make it a page-turner.

The slow incorporation of modern knowledge and science into a medieval world makes for a compelling read, and you never feel like the characters are overpowered and the tension is strong throughout the story. There is a satisfying, conclusive ending that took me for a surprise near the end of the novel but reflecting back, it was clear that the author was laying out a trail of crumbs leading to this type of finish.

It's also a slice life story. One where the main character is surrounded by a host of bubbly personalities and characters, yet avoids the harem route with the romance which is particularly unique in these type of stories. This is a highly recommended novel in this genre and I don't believe you'll regret picking it up.

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